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My family had for unknown reasons this christmast a "creative present". So I decided to make a poster for my big sister and the I choose to make a small tribute to architect and designer Alvar Aalto.

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female and male legs intertwined, layered throughout the poster, their legs creating smaller similar shapes with the negative space, the blue legs also creating a sense of flow down the poster as well, repeated simple color choices all help unify this poster

Hej Hej Kulturhuset Stadsteatern / Melingo — Poster Hexachrome print on glossy paper for the evening surrounding Daniel Melingo at Kulturhuset / Stockholm Done as YMPA (With Iwa Herdensjö) Documentation below:

Things to Remember (Page Not Found)

Dayna Casey (The Hague, Netherlands) Things to Remember (Page Not Found), 2016 [[MORE]]Publication for exhibition at Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam. With curator Radna Rumping.