LEXON - Mezzo, design Ionna Vautrin

Mezzo is a small radio with a vintage touch … It’s basic controls associated to a voluptuous shape give “Mezzo” a familiar and endearing air. It comes in four colors to match any room in the house. Mezzo Radio, by Ionna Vautrin, for Lexon

Buro by DesignWright (Brothers Adrian and Jeremy Wright) for Lexon / Set of stackable colour-coded stationary in collaboration with design brand Lexon / stapler, hole punch, calculator / features the name on its side / three colour gradients from plastic and rubberised finnish

Buro Desk Accessories by DesignWright. Set includes: - Tape Dispenser- Calculator- Hub & Card Reader- Stapler- Hole Punch- Calendar- LED Lens Available in Green, Purple or Grey. Please allow three weeks for shipping.

Hören Sie gerne Musik in der Badewanne oder unter der Dusche? Das batteriebetriebene Design-Radio Tykho von der Firma Lexon ist speziell für Nassräume konzipiert worden:

Tykho rubber radio by Marc Berthier for Lexon - trend: matted colorful rubber

TYKHO Radio by Lexon Design

Lexon Tykho Radio from Wedding List Co - The Leading Bridal Registry Specialist

LEXON - Tykho Radio http://www.badmoebeldirekt.de/accessoires/bad-radio.html

Silikónové rádio TYKHO 2 od Lexon - Plnofarebné dizajnové rádio z gumy?

The Lexon Mezzo Transistor Has a Vintage Looks with Modern Practicality #decor trendhunter.com

Retro Bathroom Radios

Lexon Mezzo Radio - The craftsmanship, meticulous manufacturing and consequent longevity of gadgets from a generation ago can certainly be admired. The Lexon Mezzo Rad.

LEXON - Collection 2013

Radio Mezzo Lexon, la petite radio au look vintage de Ionna Vautrin

Le design agréable et abordable pour un usage quotidien

unique radio for the bathroom, water resistant and beautiful design

Le design agréable et abordable pour un usage quotidien http://www.badmoebeldirekt.de/lexon-tykho-la42r1.html

Le design agréable et abordable pour un usage quotidien

Lexon Tykho Rubber Radio - Bad-Radio Tykho von Lexon, orange http://www.badmoebeldirekt.de/lexon-tykho-la42o1.html

Radio for pooltime! Lexon Tykho rubber radio in orange.