Mess Free Painting & Art Projects For Kids

Stop cleaning after your kids after doing art and painting with these mess free painting and art projects…
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paper jellyfish craft for kids to make with free printables on the bottom
Cute Paper Jellyfish Craft for Kids [Free Template}
Get ready to embark on a creative journey with your little ones! Our free Paper Jellyfish Craft Template is designed with kids in mind and will keep them entertained for hours. It's not just fun - it's educational too! Let's dive into the magical world of jellyfish, one paper fold at a time.
the suncather craft is made with melted glass
DIY Glue Suncatcher
Are your kids or grandkids getting restless this summer? Turn their energy into this colorful suncatcher using glue and some simple household items you already have at home! Check out this DIY glue suncatcher craft tutorial to get started.
the watermelon paper fan is cut into pieces and placed on top of each other
Easy Watermelon Paper Fan Craft For Kids
Unfurl the vibrant world of colors and creativity with our Easy Watermelon Paper Fan Craft for Kids. Perfectly suited for the summer preschool activity, this craft promises hours of fun-filled crafting, all while enhancing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. With our easy-to-follow tutorial, you'll be crafting your very own watermelon paper fan in no time!
an easy heart preschool painting art activity for valentine's day or mother's day
Easy Heart Art Painting for Preschoolers
Bring a splash of color and creativity to your preschoolers' Mother's Day by guiding them through this simple yet beautiful Easy Heart Art Painting project. Not only is it a great way to celebrate this special day, but it's also a fun activity they can enjoy all year round, without making a mess!
easy paper fox craft for kids to make with the help of their mother and father
Easy Paper Fox Craft for Kids [Free Printable Template]
Embark on a delightful DIY journey as we explore the world of papercraft artistry with our Easy Paper Fox Craft [Free Template]. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this engaging activity will not only provide hours of entertainment but will also foster your creativity and boost problem-solving skills. So, why wait? Dive in and start crafting your charming paper fox!
cut and easy preschool elephant craft for kids to make with paper, scissors and glue
Easy Paper Elephant Craft [Free Template]
Discover the joy of crafting with our Easy Paper Elephant Craft tutorial, complete with a FREE template! Perfect for kids and crafters of all ages, this step-by-step guide will have you creating adorable paper elephants in no time. Say goodbye to messy paints and hello to an exciting new artistic journey!
mother's day diy heart flower pop up card craft
DIY Mother's Day Heart Flower Pop-Up Card [Free Template]
Get your little ones involved in making Mother's Day extra special this year with a DIY Mother's Day Heart Flower Pop-Up Card. Not only will the kids get a chance to bond, they'll also create a beautiful keepsake that will be cherished for years to come. Plus, our free template makes the whole process a breeze!
easy and adorable bunny paper bookmark craft for kids to make with their own hands
Easy and Adorable Bunny Bookmark Craft [Free Template]
Get ready for an adorable and free Easter craft adventure with our Easy and Adorable Bunny Bookmark Craft! This delightful project is perfect for kids and adults alike, offering hours of fun with a free template. Create a charming bunny bookmark to keep your favorite stories in order, and let the joy of crafting bring your bookmark collection to life!
how to make edible peeps playdoughs for kids with text overlay
Edible Marshmallow Peeps Playdough Recipe
Who says playdough can't be delicious AND fun? Check out our super easy and irresistibly fluffy recipe for Edible Marshmallow Peeps Playdough for preschoolers! It's the perfect Easter sensory play activity and edible science experiment for your little ones. #EasterEdiblePlaydough #EdiblePeepsRecipe
this is an easy paper scarecrow craft for kids
Movable Paper Scarecrow Craft [Free Template]
Dive into the vibrant world of autumn with our engaging Preschool Fall Craft. This creative project features our Movable Paper Scarecrow Craft - a dynamic, interactive, and fun craft that your little ones will adore. The best part? It's free to print! Let us spark some seasonal creativity and ignite your preschooler's imagination today.
an origami pumpkin craft with the words fall preschool origami on it
How to Make an Easy Origami Pumpkin
Embrace the fall season in a unique, creative way with this fun and easy Origami Pumpkin Craft! This delightful and engaging tutorial will take you on a journey through the art of paper folding, transforming a simple piece of paper into a charming origami pumpkin. It's an easy, fun-filled craft activity perfect for preschoolers to foster their creativity this Fall!
a handprint craft with the words frankenstein and free template
Frankenstein Handprint Craft for Kids [Free Template]
Unleash your little monster's creativity this Halloween with our spooktacular "Frankenstein Halloween Handprint Craft Tutorial." Perfect for preschoolers, this DIY project transforms tiny handprints into mini Frankensteins, bringing a touch of eerie fun to the festivities. With our free template, it's frightfully simple to get started. Let the spooky fun begin!
halloween bat handprint craft with free template
Bat Handprint Craft for Halloween [Free Template]
Unleash your preschooler's creativity this Halloween with a fun & interactive bat handprint craft! Easy to make, this festive project not only brings the spooky season to life but also creates adorable keepsakes. This Halloween, let tiny hands make big impressions! Explore our step-by-step guide and conjure fun with this unique preschool Halloween craft.
black cat handprint craft for preschoolers on a white table with pumpkins and scissors
Black Cat Handprint Craft for Kids [Free Template]
Delve into the spirit of Halloween with our engaging, kid-friendly craft - The Black Cat Handprint Craft for preschoolers! This simple DIY activity provides endless fun, a creative outlet, and a keepsake to treasure. It's tailored for tiny hands with a free template to kickstart their imagination. Explore this spellbinding preschool Halloween craft now!
the pokemon craft for kids printable is an easy and fun way to practice letter recognition
Printable Pokémon Craft for Kids [Free Template]
Engage your kids in a world of colors, shapes, and their favorite Pokémon characters. Perfect for preschoolers and beginners, it encourages fine motor skills while creating their own pocket monster adventures. Time to unlock the creative potential in your child. What are you waiting for? Get your free copy now! #freepreschoolprintables #pokemoncrafttemplates
an easy button snail craft for kids to make with buttons, yarn and paper machs
Easy Button Snail Craft For Preschoolers
Discover the joy of crafting with your preschooler with our Easy Button Snail Craft! This simple yet engaging project not only fosters creativity but also helps children improve their motor skills. Turn a collection of buttons into a charming snail with our easy-to-follow steps. Perfect for hours of fun at home or in the classroom. Let's spark creativity together!
how to make a color - changing crystal ball in a jar with text overlay
Magical DIY Color-Changing Crystal Ball
Unleash your inner sorcerer, with the magic of DIY! Discover how to create your own 'Magical DIY Color-Changing Crystal Ball', experience the enchanting world of wizardry with immersive 'Harry Potter Activities', and dive into the mesmerizing magic of colors with another round of 'Magical DIY Color-Changing Crystal Ball'. All you need is your creativity and a sprinkle of magic dust!
how to make a simple popsicle bird feeder with instructions for the birds in it
How to Make a Simple DIY Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder
Ready for a fun and easy preschool summer activity? In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a simple popsicle stick bird feeder that will delight your little ones and provide a tasty treat for your feathered friends. Gather your supplies, and let's get crafting! #DIYpopsiclestickbirdfeeder #preschoolsummeractivity
the free printable summer coloring pages for kids
Free Printable Summer Coloring Pages For Kids
Looking for a fun and free way to keep your kids entertained this summer? Check out these amazing free printable summer coloring pages designed specifically for preschoolers! Perfect for a summer day at home, these coloring pages are perfect for inspiring your child's creativity and helping them to learn some fun facts about the wonders of the summer season.
earth day hat for kids with free printables to make it look like the planet is
Earth Day Hat [Free Printable Template]
This easy Earth Day hat craft is perfect for preschoolers! With a free printable template, your kids can make their very own Earth Day hat in no time. Not only will your kids have fun crafting, but they will also learn about the importance of protecting the environment and the value of taking part in Earth Day activities. All you need are a few basic supplies and the printable template to get started!
the 4th of july paper roll fireworks craft
4th Of July Toilet Paper Roll Firework Kids Craft
Celebrate the 4th of July with a fun and festive toilet paper roll firework craft! Perfect for any age group, from preschoolers to adults, this simple and creative craft activity is sure to be a hit with everyone. Not only will it add some festive flair to your home décor, it will help bring the family together while they create beautiful and unique firework designs. With just a few simple supplies, you can get crafty and make your own festive Fourth of July decorations!
patriotic stars are painted on paper plates with the words patriotic stars 4th of july in red, white and blue
Easy 4th of July Craft: Patriotic Stars Painting
Are you looking for the perfect 4th of July craft for your preschooler? Look no further than this fun and easy Patriotic Stars Painting activity! With very few supplies and minimal mess, your little one will be creating a colorful and festive masterpiece in no time. And best of all, you’ll be able to cherish this memento for years to come!
an easy preschool flower craft for mother's day
Easy Mother's Day Flower Craft [Free Template]
Looking for a fun Mother's Day craft activity for preschoolers? This easy Flower Craft is great for preshoolers to learn to appreciate their Moms! Grab the free template and check out the step-by-step craft tutorial to get started. #MothersDayCraftsForPreschoolers #FreePrintables
the diy glue suncather is hanging from a tree
Colorful DIY Glue Suncatcher Craft
an easter bunny craft for kids to make with the help of printable templates
Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft [Free Template]
The perfect Easter craft for preschoolers, this adorable Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft will delight everyone at the Easter basket table or your next holiday celebration. Make it with your child and then hide the eggs to decorate later. You can even use any leftover felt scraps to make another of these adorable bunnies! #preschoolbunnycraft #Eastercraftforpreschoolers
kids's art project with the title 25 tools for creative art projects my mommy style
25 Unusual Tools for Creative Art Projects
There are so many great tools your kids can use for creative art projects. Here’s a list of twenty-five tools that will create some fantastic works of art! Your kids probably have used paintbrushes, markers, stamps, or stencils and we all know those are great! Mix it up and use materials you wouldn’t ever think of for an art project!
melted crayon easter eggs for kids to make
How to Create Melted Crayon Easter Eggs
This fun and easy Easter craft will engage your kids even before they get to the dying part. All you need to do is grab some crayons, place them in a container and run hot water over them. Let the melted crayon cool down, then put it on an egg and start coloring! #preschoolEasteractivity #messfreeEastercraftforpreschoolers