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Akiya Kageichi                                                                                                                                                                                 More木村真二

Akiya Kageichi is a Japanese illustrator who calls himself Golden Gravel, a name which may refer to Japanese rock gardens. His sinister jesters, lazy rulers and clandestine warriors are set within …

하이컷 - 패션, 뷰티, 대중문화 커뮤니티와 다채로운 이벤트 <HIGH CUT>

Jung Woo Sung is An Equal Opportunity Visual, Complementing Both Costars Jo In Sung and Kim Ha Neul - A Koala's Playground

CeCi, 2013.12, Trouble Maker, Hyuna

Successful duo 'Trouble Maker' Hyuna and Hyunseung give more justice to their undeniable chemistry conveyed in their photosho.