A Norigae pendant is worn with a women& hanbok (Korean traditional clothing). It is tie to the outer goreum (a coat string) or the waist .

Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes

Soo Ae transforms into a lovely South Korean princess for her photo shoot for Vogue Korea. The actress portrays a delicate, lonely image throughout the photo


hanbok (south korea) is the traditional korean dress for women and men. the decorative yoke, the empire waistline and the long flowing dress-like section are some of the striking features render the.

Silk panel jersey dress

Silk panel jersey dress

Vogue Korea - Jan, 2014 Blk Leather Shirt - Theory Wht Leather Pants - Calvin Klein Blk Hanbok Skirt - 김혜순 한복 (Kim Hye Soon) Blk Belt - Moschino Fingerless Gloves, Chain Necklace - Chanel Studded Quilted Purse - Versace

Curved hem knit dress

Reminder: Wear black dress/tunic with close cropped black pants.