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Twofold is a boutique, creative, web design and graphic design studio based in Brisbane. We work for clients in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout the world.


French designer Samy Rio received the highest award at this year´s Design Parade festival in Hyéres. He earned it for his innovative products, where the main material in an unusual bamboo.

ION Design - Edgewater, New Jersey - Industrial Design, Engineering, Research

ION Design - Edgewater, New Jersey - Industrial Design, Engineering, Research


Sensis is specialized into innovative wine storage solutions. Take a look inside our design team inspiration.


After hinting at its new concept, Jaguar has finally taken the lid off of its first sports crossover concept vehicle at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.



Most photography professionals and graphic designers can likely relate to the tedious and mundane process of post production, editing photos with the traditional mouse and keyboard is neither practical nor ergonomically efficie

Xiaomi Mi TV 3 rocks 4K resolution and detachable mainboard - SlashGear

Xiaomi Mi TV 3 rocks resolution and detachable mainboard - SlashGear

denon envaya bluetooth speaker by feiz design studio enables music sharing

conceived in reference to the clothes peg, the portable denon envaya offers bluetooth CD quality wireless streaming technology and NFC tap pairing.


Large knobs and dials with no labels invite you to touch and explore

Cloudwash LED dot matrix

Imagine a washing machine looking like this. I'm guessing that long bar above…


프리미엄 17ℓ 제습기바람이 통하는 소통의 홀 아이덴티티

Harmonia, Best Range Hood Stainless steel and glass come together in Harmonia, a chimney-venting range hood whose minimalist design and touch-free control panel suit it for open-plan spaces. The four-speed, electronic, infrared heat-sensing unit uses the company’s blower system to remove heat and odor. The control dashboard senses the location of a user’s finger without requiring direct contact.

Seven Products for High-Traffic Kitchens - Custom Home Magazine