This app was executed very well; the paw has so much texture and realistic aspects. The pads on the paws even look realistic, eventhough they are not usually that shiny it makes the illustration pop. The paw pops out of the box and created a effect.

Nevada UI by TIT0

Texturing style of the Minions/character but shouldn't be as muted as this Nevada UI by


Procrastination Switch

Attractive user interface switch designs can enhance the user experience. Check these nifty and professional UI switches to set your creativity on fire.

The Ville Social Game - UI & Icons by Ed Temple, via Behance

icon illustrations exploring look and feel for the MMO game The Ville. Assets were drawn in Illustrator & Flash and exported for usage in live game.


On-Off Switch UI, antique

Dribbble - Game UI by Sebastiaan de With

Game UI

UI elements for an upcoming game which will be published by Activision/Blizzard.

Game UI progress

Stage Progress Bars

Stage Progress Bars by Soongyu Gwon in 40 Progress Bar Designs for Inspiration

The Majestic Journey Concept Art by Ray Chan, via Behance

These images represent the work I did for Mnigames and UI back when I was working as a concept artist for Hidden Object games. The first section represents the UI elements I created for the unreleased game: "the Majestic Journey.

Interface design inspiration

Stunning app icons

The most easily way to have your own App Icon! Import your own logo in the smart object and you’ll have your own icon in multiple standard formats. Of course, you can also easily change the textures!