Lantern - The app on Behance

Lantern is a nightlight that creates an atmosphere of sound and light according to the story the parent reads on his& device.Designers: Athanassios Tohme, Jonas DeprundDevelopers: Katia Moreira, ALexis TessierThe object here : https:&

Shop 360 Immersive Mobile E-Commerce App | Motion Graphics in Flat UI Design

Shop 360 interaction app

Transition — blending between game scene and menu

Transition [Animation]

Kris Feature Video Card Expands: Transition [Animation] by Daniel Lutz

User Interface Interactions & Animations #UI


Interactions — Displays motion without all the content being available yet

GIF Animation of an App

GIF Animation of an App

Concept for an iOS menu animation. The menu title changes depending on which screen you're on. The first screen you enter the app on will say MENU to provide a cue as to what the button is.

iOS Menu Concept

[GIF] Mobile Menu by Natko Hasić (

[GIF] Mobile Menu

Check the Mobile menu I did for a new project, mostly some JS. The idea is to mimic the native app experience in the browser by

Dribbble - [gif] handee dashboard animation by ashley einspahr #UImotion

[gif] handee dashboard animation

Dwnld - Stunning Native Mobile App | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Since the mobile revolution with the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and one year later with the launch of Apps Store and native apps, the way we consume content has changed so much.

HUM Inbox to Chat by Dann Petty #mobile #UI

HUM Inbox to Chat

Playing around with some animations for HUM. I still don't quite have a handle on creating these animation bu.

20 Incredible Mobile UI Animations in GIFs | The Design Inspiration | Abracadabra App

Gif Animation — Abracadabra App by Sergey Valiukh for Tubik Manufactory

This is another quick animation showing the upcomming off-season app for iPhone, working on the iOS7 version so stay tuned for more pics in the future.  Real pixels:

Product detail and shopping cart

Картинки по запросу lean and clean shopping app design