french doors + ivy + topiary = perfection

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From dizzying rooftop views to hidden backyard patios, here are the best bars for outdoor drinking.

Possible Client Hosting Venues - 16 Excellent Bars For Outdoor Drinking In Los…

Terrasse outdoor wood plants

Other Rooftops We Love! The 360 at Skyline is a dynamic, luxury rooftop in Denver, CO and we can't wait for these ideas to come to life here on our rooftop!

Tropical Resort Restaurant Lemongrass by Einstein & Associates

Tropical Resort Restaurant Lemongrass by Einstein & Associates - InteriorZine

Aventine - LA

Aventine Hollywood - outdoor bar, wood, lights on trees

여전히 어제의 공간은 유효하고, 현재에 새로운 얼굴을 필터링해 준다. 두개의 중정, 전통적인 주거양식이 남겨진 스페인 발렌시아 주거단지 내 위치한 주택 리노베이션의 특징은 내부에 위치한 두개의 중정에 있다. 내외부를 밀착시키는 매개체 역활과 동시에 필터링하는 역활을 수행한다. 두개의 공간을 물리적으로 구분하는 복도와 인상적인 장면을 연출, 공간의 깊이감을 더한다. located in valencia, spain, ‘casa ricar..

Courtyard House by Gradolí & Sanz in Valencia, Spain.

Sunroom, indoor greenhouse, plants, four season harvest.. garden

How I would love to have a room like this! *sighs* A place to enjoy the feeling of the outdoors when when it is below freezing outside! Garden room- Conservatory- Greenhouse - Oasis of calmness~

연못 + 마당

Can't bring the ocean to your backyard? You could always set up a koi pond underneath your back porch.


Metal frame doors wide open… so lovely

Tres Starbucks distanciados en el globo terráqueo y unidos por su decoración sostenible y espectacular

Tres Starbucks distanciados en el globo terráqueo y unidos por su decoración sostenible y espectacular

Starbucks Downtown Disney Anaheim - Grateful to be Starbucks Sr Designer on this project and proud to be a partner. It took a village - Congrats to everyone on our team.

my scandinavian home: Fab home packed with mid-century finds.

Love the idea of a potted garden of herbs on the patio, also like the timber concertina doors that fold back to meld the living room and outdoors.

5osA: [오사] ::

Dark three-story house with green and wood tones, large glazed openings, private terraces, roof terrace and garden in Tokyo, Japan by Keiji Ashizawa Design.

Ricart House,© Mariela Apollonio

Gallery of Ricart House / Gradolí & Sanz - 1

An Urban Oasis in ValenciaThe design for Ricart House in Valencia by Sanz & Gradolí has a very simple concept, let the house revolve around a courtyard, a small urban oasis, providing all the spaces in the house with a view of nature and access to.

Dekor és Mentha: Egy patinás üvegház

In the garden shed ( The adult play house )

40~50대 남자에게 ‘로망’이 된 공간,서재(書齋)

40~50대 남자에게 ‘로망’이 된 공간,서재(書齋)

안녕하세요~ 라이프하우스에요^^ 요즘은 집의 거실에 TV를 꼭 놔야 한다는 생각이 아니라, 아이들의 교육환경을 위해서, 거실에 책을 놓는 거실 서재인테리어가 대세인것같아요~ 주말에 가족끼리 거실에서 책도 보고, 같은 주

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