signage - I'm guessing it's lit from above at night as well - really cool.

Playing with light and shadows I hate Urban Outfitters but I'll hand it to them this is supercool signage. You win this round hipsters.

Austin's new Arthouse - great signage concept!

Austin art house The exterior is perforated with 177 custom laminated glass units, illuminated by LED lights at night. Photo by Michael Moran.

El Té / Porto Alegre / Brasil /  Estudio 3051

Located in one of the most important commercial galleries in the city of Porto Alegre, El té – Casa de chás (tea house) focuses on the sale of teas and everything that involves the product. The project concept was born from the immersion in the.

Casanueva Pharmacy / Clavel Arquitectos

Casanueva Pharmacy / Clavel Arquitectos

Casanueva’s Pharmacy, Spain by Clavel Arquitectos 2010 Casanueva’s Pharmacy in Murcia, Spain features a shop window that consists of a tri-dimensional text of the word ‘FARMACIA’ that occupies the two floors of the frontage.

Ensemble Pastoral Catholique / Atelier d’Architecture Brenac-Gonzalez

Gallery of Ensemble Pastoral Catholique / Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés - 20

Image 20 of 52 from gallery of Ensemble Pastoral Catholique / Atelier d’Architecture Brenac-Gonzalez. Photograph by Sergio Grazia

Fast Buying Logo Template – Time to shopping. Run on shops. Concept. Suitable for shops, markets, supermarkets, e-market, e-shops, stores different use.

Fast Buying

Buy Fast Buying by djjeep on GraphicRiver. Fast Buying Logo Template – Time to shopping. Suitable for shops, markets, supermarkets, e-mar.


When Area Connection were hired to design a new location of the ‘IZUMONO SAKABA’ restaurant and bar in Izumo City, Japan, they were asked to ‘design the store facade with a big impact’.

Awesome! want to go to the Pokemon Store in Japan!

The Pokémon Store In Japan. Like Hello Kitty, Pokémon is also a huge phenomenon which also often show cases Japanese Culture. The word it's self, meaning pocket monster.

KROGER+MILLEDGEVILLE+GEORGIA+Bakery+Dept.+Grocery+Store+Food+Super+Market+Pharmacy%2C+Kroger+NEW+Store+Milledgeville+GA.+Baldwin+County.JPG ...

KROGER+MILLEDGEVILLE+GEORGIA+Bakery+Dept.+Grocery+Store+Food+Super+Market+Pharmacy%2C+Kroger+NEW+Store+Milledgeville+GA.+Baldwin+County.JPG ...