Sandro Desii by Lo Siento

Sandro Desii

fantastic cohesive brand design for pasta packaging. Love the photography on the package and the illustrations, typography, and simple black & white design Sandro Desii by Lo Siento

Mousegraphics designed the package for Salmon Oil, a valuable nutrition additive. The request was to create packaging which will be distinguishable in the pharmacy environment. "We opted for a design which would include a direct reference to the very natural source of the product, a salmon fish. We chose the iconographical approach of a fish encyclopedia of the 18th or 19th c., simple, clear typography and the device of the orange diagonal line to connect the packages when displayed."

Salmon Oil

The Dieline Awards Place Health, Cosmetics, Fragrance, Fashion- Salmon Oil — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging Design

אריזה לאוזניות לחצו על התמונה למידע

Give Some Green Buds for the Holidays

Auriculares de plástico ecológico // Woodbuds are earphones made from sustainable sourced wood and bio-plastic.