fashion&production labels

Daniel Brox Nordmo and Kristine Gulhein explored creating a for their course conclusion work of Akershus University College. They started with a completely adaptable which can take many forms, and came up with Mote & Produksjon.

Thai Authority Restaurant on Behance

Restaurant —Client: The Thai AuthorityMedium: Art Direction, Logo & Corporate IdentityAbout: The Thai Authority is an authentic Thai takeaway cuisine served made-to-order under the careful eye of a Thai Executive Chef.


Beautiful nature inspired visual identity for Michael Spitz I like the simplicity of the business card and letterhead on white paper. The location of the logo and contact information would not distract from where the body text will be.

The Danish Council for Childrens Learning on Behance

The Danish Council for Childrens Learning Working with the Danish Ministry of Education, we created a modular and colorful identity for the Council for Children’s Learning.

74 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever

It's very simple tat made on neck, but the main idea is that triangle like this symbolizes life, harmony, spirit and etc. Minimal but meaningful!

baby best brand identityand logo

I love the cheerfulness, bright colors and irregular shapes of the castle illustration in Not Available studio’s identity for Baby Best.

"The Treasure Hunt"

Client: The Treasure HuntMedium: Logo & BrandingAbout: An escape room you’ll never want to leave!We like to think of the Treasure Hunt as an engage room, where we want the players to immerse in the experience, not to escape.Forget about codes and ke…

75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos

75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos

Do you like lines, symmetry and perfection? Then you should try geometric tattoos which mean a type of abstract body art. This geometric art work is an ext