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Launching your new brand! Steps & tips on how to create a buzz...

Launching Your New Brand | byRosanna | Squarespace Website Design & Branding UK

A new brand design is only the first step! Now that you've re-branded , or created a new brand and website from scratch, it's time to tell people about it! It's an exciting step in your business' journey, and you want your excitement to be contagious. It takes more than just a few tw

7 Types Of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

20 Coming Soon Pages Explained & How to Do Them Right - Hongkiat

For a coming soon page, all upcoming websites can ever do is to show an empty screen with the words "COMING SOON" plastered from end to end. Or is it? In


20 "Coming Soon" Templates to Download - Hongkiat

Your website's 'coming soon' page can tell a lot about your upcoming product or service. There are so many ways to make an enticing coming soon page - you

Building An Effective ‘Coming Soon’ Page For Your Product By Sacha Greif

Building An Effective ‘Coming Soon’ Page For Your Product — Smashing Magazine

I recently had to design a couple of teaser pages for a client and a personal project, and this led me to think about what exactly makes for a good teaser page — or to be more precise a “coming soon” page that companies often put up before they’re ready to launch their product. After careful research and many scientific tests in the brand new field of teaserology, I’ve developed a patented Teaser Effectiveness Analysis Matrix™, consisting of four elements. The perfect teaser page must score…

How To Launch Anything By Nathan Barry

How To Launch Anything — Smashing Magazine

Launching a new product — especially your first — can be incredibly daunting. Even knowing where to turn for help can be hard. So many blog posts are full of free advice on how to successfully launch that I almost didn’t write another one.

Launching a Brand New Website - The Ultimate Guide

How to Launch a Brand New Website (with a Bang!) - The Ultimate Guide

Check out my Ultimate Guide for How to Launch a Brand New Website and Make Noise from Day One. (Spoiler alert: Don't do what I did.)

Why Doesn’t Everyone Buy What I Launch Right Away?  Stages of Customer Development from

Why Don't More People Buy What I'm Selling?

There's a good chance that the MAJORITY of people who would buy your product don't know it's the right thing for them. Here's how to get more people buying.

11 cool launch page generators to test business ideas online from: Smashing Hub

11 cool launch page generators to test business ideas online

Nowadays, using only a wordpress and an idea, anybody can start an online business. After dabbling in the online space for a number of years, I realise that the

Creating a launch strategy that does the selling for you - Amanda Genther

Have you ever launched a new offering, told everyone about it once, got a few people to buy and then all of a sudden… sales disappeared? Are you afraid of annoying your email list with too many promotional emails? Over … Creating a launch strategy that does the selling for you Read More »

Build Your Own Creative Business: Where to Start {Day 1}from:

31 Days to Build Your Own Creative Business by Marketing Creativity: Where to Start

31 Days to Build Your Own Creative Business. Let's get stated on your success. How to run an Etsy shop, sell handmade, ship the product, and market it all.

It’s Not All Sexy: 5 Must Do Tasks Prior to Launch from

Home - Owner Mag

Launching your brainchild is sexy, exciting and even further; an opportunity that you may have found the niche your audience is looking for. It may take time, but as you progress it will become clear if you’re on the right track. So at this point, I’ll assume you have a brilliant idea and that your …

The Three Elements of Every Epic Launch from

Home - Owner Mag

I’ve been fortunate enough to launch a few things that people have cared about: nonprofit campaigns, best-selling books, even a few business ventures. And the success of each experience had less to do with the quality of products and more to do with how they were launched. Many people struggle with this. They want to believe …

Launch or Leap: There’s a Process for Both AUGUST 27, 2013 BY TOM TERWILLIGER  from: "think back to the future -- McFly"


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