Love this I would get it , I use to play for a few years and with it being in my past the skeletal part is a great idea ♥♡♥ april renee

Half skeleton and half cello violin instrument design. When a musician becomes one with his or her instrument.

redmer hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra -This work is relevant as it highlights the idea of 'human meaning' /relevance being ascribed to the 'animal as object'. This practice of ascribing meaning to objects speaks of the souvenir object, where meaning is not inherent.

Work 2014 by Redmer Hoekstra

These incredible detailed illustrations filled with irony and very wacky characters is the artwork of Rodmer Hoekstra from Netherlands. In his unusual surreal drawings Rodmer merges different vehicles and things with animals, books, birds etc.

Redmer Hoekstra Illustration

Redmer Hoekstra Illustration

Work 2013 by redmer hoekstra, via Behance

Animals, People And Everyday Objects Merged Together In Surreal Illustrations By Redmer Hoekstra

Hybrid Objects Series-2

Hybrid Objects Series

haris jusovic imagines creative chair concept of high heels seats

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