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Page Control Indicator — Transitions Collection by Jardson Almeida ⚡️

slo-mo loader motion

slo-mo loader motion

Engagement animation test for a minimal, slow motion manipulation app we're…

Top UI designs this week

Top UI designs this week

Here’s a new roundup with more nice UI animations that we’ve come across recently. Everything from subtle micro-animations to more majestic content loaders. Make sure to clap if you’d like to see…

Fantastic UI Design by Gal Shir

Fantastic UI Design by Gal Shir - Nothing like an awesome set of Interface Design to close the week. There are some very talented designers out there doing sweet interfaces. one of them is Tel Aviv based designer Gal Shir!

Color FM-Radio

Color FM-Radio

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Classroom Tasks

Classroom Tasks

Classroom is a concept mobile app which helps first year students stay up-to-date with each of their tasks assigned to a course, specifically aimed per individual student. by Jurgen Ploeger

Get your Streaq on!

Streak - Interaction Design

The Nine States of Design — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking — Medium

Mobile:2015 – Interactive Mind


Whether on an app screen, a web browser, or a wearable watch face, design is one of the most important drivers of consumer engagement. From flat design to Material design, I analysed what trends have…

“ANALYTICA” is a great web analytics app concept. Do you want to track - How…

Analytica - Web user tracking (ios) app concept on Behance

Mobile Navigation Inspiration – Muzli -Design Inspiration

Mobile Navigation Inspiration

Hopefully, you remember our funny but meaningful piece of grammar practice called Basic Grammar for Designers. This time we decided to go further and make the exercise even simpler, so here in Tubik…