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an assortment of different colored thread spools with text overlay that reads variegated floss tips for stitching in multicolor
Variegated Thread - Tips for Cross Stitching with Multicolor Floss
three different types of thread with the text how to cross stitch with light effects thread
How To Cross Stitch With Light Effects Thread (Without Throwing It Out Of The Window)
the different dmc threads for cross - stitch are displayed on a pink background with text overlay
The Different DMC Threads for Cross Stitch Explained | S3E46
how to cross stitch a guide for beginner's quilters infographical
A beginner's guide to cross stitch
a person cutting fabric with scissors on top of it and the words, video guide to gridding your fabric
Gridding cross stitch fabric - Peacock & Fig
the easyest way to wash cross stitch video instructions for beginners and crocheters
Washing cross stitch and embroidery - Peacock & Fig
cross stitch items with text overlay that reads, 86 cross stitch items every stitcher needs to know
88 Cross Stitch Terms That Every Cross Stitcher Needs to Know
a close up of a hoop with a yellow object on it and a wooden handle
How to cross stitch with metallic floss tips & tricks | Stitching with DMC Light Effects Metallic Floss
several rows of different colors of thread in a display case on a table with scissors
Discontinued DMC Colors & Their Replacements – Chart
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of fabric next to a sewing needle
How to frame your own Cross-Stitch using the Lacing Method
a hand is stitching on fabric with the words how to mark off your pattern
How to track cross stitch pattern progress by marking off your chart
Make sure you don't lose track of where you are and what you've stitched on your cross stitch pattern by marking progress off on your chart. I'll share why this is helpful, how best to do it and a bonus tip to make sure you don't accidentally ruin your stitching!
the color chart for different types of flosss and other items in this article
35 new embroidery floss colors from DMC
DMC released 35 new colors in 2017. See them here!
four skeins of yarn with the words how to cross stitch with metallic thread
How to cross stitch with DMC metallic embroidery floss