ice typography (jo klaps)

designed by Studio Brussels Lof; the letters of "ONE DAY EXPO" look like they are carved out of ice cube. This is a smart choice in expressing the "one day" expo as ice cubes that last only for a short while and are gone once they are melted.

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

정진열 포스터 - Google 검색

It isn't an easy task to make awesome, eye-catching, cool and superb poster designs as there are many things to consider.

primary colors: card set


Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs - Alternative, Minimalist Poster by Reservoir Dogs - Alternative, Minimalist Poster. I always seem to say this but … I’ve just watch this again for the first time in ages.

Bike Expo NY

Simplicity, Symmetry and More: Gestalt Theory And The Design Principles It Gave Birth To