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Your hair doesn’t grow fast and you are tired of using chemical products that make more damage than ...

Accelerate Hair Growth

Hair growth can happen for you at a faster rate than you think. Here's how to accelerate it and without sacrificing your precious time.

Try Zinc To Promote Long, Healthy Hair

Try Zinc To Promote Long, Healthy Hair explains an overview of zinc and the ways it can promote long, healthy natural hair!

37 Best Herbs for Natural Hair Growth | Loving Kinky Curls

The best herbs for natural hair are those that are packed with unique antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and other plant nutrients for promoting hair growth. Such herbs include: 1. Neem, 2. Moringa, 3. Stinging Nettle, 4. Aloe Vera, 5. Amla, 6. Rosemary, 7. Peppermint, 8. Brahmi, 9. Green Tea, 10. Flaxseeds 11. Fenugreek, 12. Hibiscus, among others.


Get HAIR JAZZ for faster hair growth!

Hair Jazz Set - Complete Washing Routine + Serum & Eyelash Growth Serum. Accelerates your hair growth and reduces hair loss. Stimulates new hair growth. Restores hair structure. Your hair will become softer and shinier. Proven efficacy on all hair typ

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Transitioning Series 2: How to Make the Transition to Natural Hair?

Transitioning to natural hair video 2: How to make the transition to natural hair? Video delves more into the many different natural hair transitioning methods.

What Vitamins Are Good For Hair Growth And Thickness - The Blessed Queens

If you ask what vitamins are good for hair growth and thickness these recommendations are just the right ones you need righ now because...

Bio7 Biotin Growth Oil | Textured Hair

Biotin, plant cell extracts and botanical Complex while essential oils that hydrate, and nourish Tetra-peptide specifically designed to balance hydrophobicity in damaged repair. Helps your hair appear visibly thicker and healthier Improves the appearance of hair thinning Moisturizes and conditions your scalp BIO7 BIOTIN GROWTH DROP is a unique, advanced formula containing a complex blend proven to help your hair appear visibly healthier. The formula Infused with biotin, peptide, and plant…