hanok interior. Like the bench in upper left corner

Experimenting with wood -- Unique window patterns outlined by wood, matched perfectly with white and the paper-like surface of the closet.

한옥별곡| Daum라이프

Refurbished 185 year old traditional housing used as a hotel, Andong City, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea


Enjoy Your Favorite Book In style – 15 Window Alcove Reading Nooks

Koster bed by Carpe Diem in the master bedroom, where translucent shoji-style screens by Studio Junction offer privacy. The cast-iron kettle and electric brazier are used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Always i liked our traditional style and will use the style to modern in the future

inside a traditional Korean house (Hanok) I would really really loooove some ondol (under) floor heating in my house! Heck, I would like a refurbished Hanok for that matter hehe