Dribbble - birds_800_2670px.jpg by Beresnev기본도형을 활용한 캐릭터

I never thought about this before. take a logo you've drawn out, and identify where shapes exist. i also like the fact that there are three images that still references the original

The designer utilizes the empty space to contribute to the animal's shape.

use of white space is succesful because the black and white create different perspectives on the animal Mais

Bureau of Betterment / Animal Twist Icons

animal-twist-icons_highres - by Mette Hornung Rankin, Bureau of Betterment

Illustrations by Ammiel Mendoza 투명도로 이렇게 작업도 가능함

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep - Insomnia Tips

utilising two colour route to create interesting layered icons? Step away from simple line versions, but introduces more colour/interest.

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