Monthly expenses

This is a rebound of my personal "what if" expense tracker. These are total monthly expenses with sliding months tabs at the top,

Student Dashboard

Yo Design Ninjas, Did a little exercise on Student Dashboard design. Where a student can see his/her classes schedule and their subjects.

Extremely Helpful Apps You Should Have When Travelling Airways IOS App by Murugesh Palani

Hey guys, A sample of my ongoing mobile app project for a private US-based travel company dealing with online air ticket booking. Let me know your feedback.

40 Inspiring examples of mobile feeds

via Muzli design inspiration. Inspiring examples of mobile feeds” is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

Learn how to configure your iOS app for push notifications. This iOS tutorial guides you through step by step.

Most applications send you notifications from time to time, and Notification Center in iPhone and iPad governs which apps can do this and the form that these notifications take. This article explains how you can change these settings.