point is good

“How does it function?” Illustrations by Thomas Vieille

Hermes employeur website - Nice interaction & scroll effect combined with pretty neat illustrations!

Art Deco Badges on Behance

set of 24 vector Art Deco styled badges/logos inspired by stuff like Metropolis, Gatsby and Bioshock.

Illustrated Editorial Design

This Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole is the definition of comfort food! A perfect weeknight dinner!

JDC | 京东设计中心 » JDC水果...

The strawberry stands out well and is well designed, the colour scheme makes the poster more appealing.


With our friends from Rehab Studio we designed a building that contents four different officetypes for Red Bull . The target of the onlinegame behind this illustration, is to find two hidden cans of the new product Red Bull Total zero and Sugarfree.

A series of drawings by English artist, illustrator & animator Jamie Mills show commodified fragments of fauna and flora exhibited as art-pieces in Damien Hirst-like vitrines.

‘Forest’ and Other Interpretations of Nature by Jamie Mills

Gallery of images by British artist Jamie Mills: Isometric drawings of nature behind glass.

Our works: フィールズ パチンコホールデザインコンペティション (2001) - butterfly・stroke inc.

Our works: フィールズ パチンコホールデザインコンペティション (2001) - butterfly・stroke inc.

GULF PRINT & PACK on Behance

Just to prove we don't sit around drawing moustaches all day: here are a few isometric illustrations we did for various clients.Drawing facial hair actually makes up only of our job.