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The Best Street Style From Seoul Fashion Week

More (solid) proof that noteworthy street style scene is not limited to big four, or even big last month three apparently very stylish cities (Moscow, Kiev and Seoul) hosted their own fashion we…

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Vogue Korea // May 2013

Fusion 한복 Hanbok / Traditional Korean dress / Dance of Spring, Vogue Korea May 2013

리슬[LEESLE] 한복을 모티브로 한 캐주얼 브랜드

리슬[LEESLE] 한복을 모티브로 한 캐주얼 브랜드

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The Story Behind Seoul’s Latest Street Style Staple

From Chanel’s Paris-Seoul Resort show to the streets of Gangnam, it’s official: The hanbok is back and making a major impact on the city’s fashion scene.

Seoul’s Traditional Street Style Trend

A look at traditional Korean dress spotted on the streets during Seoul Fashion Week Spring

The Best Street Style From Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul is as fashion-obsessed as cities come. The proof is in these street style pics from the Spring 2016 fashion shows.

20 Inspiring Street Style Looks from Seoul Fashion Week

For Aabu. If your hair isn't this long, note that the model is using a paranda to add length and thickness.

Styles seen at Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016 - Part 1