The fastest folding electric bike (3 seconds) with integrated wireless smartphone technology. So cool.

The fastest folding electric bike seconds) with integrated wireless smartphone technology.

Personal Electric Vehicle.

Personal Electric Vehicle collapses into a trolley for easy transportation

The name of VEU stands for Vehiculo Electrico Unipersonal or in English Individual Electric Vehicle. As you probably can guess, the main objective of this bike

electric scooter

designed for "last mile" commuting and can be quickly folded to form a clean and elegant enclosure. easily carried in a car and through public transport, the folded scooter appears unobstrusive and therefore can be taken

Glide Track Bike by Michael Shrewsbury

The Glide track bike sends messages to conduct a group ride

“The Glide” is not only an awesome bike with an impressive design created by designer Michael Shrewsbury, it is also a the most beautiful iPhone dock ever.

Unique Bike, Tharula, Diana Lumbasyo

Uniq Electric Trike - Transportation is getting greener every day, which means that pretty soon concepts like the Uniq Electric Trike will be the norm rather than the ex.

H2Scoot - Electric Scooter by Konstantin Ziman

Until the electric car is perfected, here’s a design that might be a bit more practical for city-goers. Powered by modern hydrogen fuel cell technology, the provides a clean and easy way of getting around urban spaces.

Modern Bike

Z-Frame Bicycles - Technology, design and eco-conscience fuse with a very traditional mode of transportation to produce the ultramodern Organik Motion bicycle.

$2133. MyWay Compact: Foldable electric scooter. 26 lbs. 9-15 miles per 4 hours charge.

MyWay Compact: Foldable electric scooter is cute as well as functional

This cute looking vehicle is the MyWay Compact electric scooter that one can use to commute between short distances. What’s special about the design is the fact that it is the smallest foldable scooter available. The roadster stands at a height of 114 c


Peugeot B1K Bicycle Concept

Marina Gatelli - If you're obsessed with the future and bicycles, then you will love Marina Gatelli's bike design. This bike would be made out of carbon a.

Klick electric scooter

Oxelo, the specialist sporting accessory manufacturer (at French chain store Decathlon) has unveiled their very first electric scooter - the Klick.


israeli industrial designer adir zilber submitted street hopper, an unusual transportation vehicle to designboom

KickPed our toughest kick scooter, designed for NYC

An adult size scooter so I stop getting looks from the dog walkers.