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50 Examples Of Beautiful Scandinavian Interior Design

Interior Design Trends 2015 - the expected and unexpected - revealed in the blog today.

salon sous nuage Living cloud art Love the painting ! My house will be full of beautiful paintings and art

= soft blues and ceramics cluster

blue couch sofa living room space interior design home light spacious airy open pastels table concrete modern

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vkvvisuals.com/blog | ORGANIC CERAMICS | http://blog.vkvvisuals.com

Organic Ceramics

There is something about a perfectly set table isn’t there ? I love these settings by Broste Copenhagen for their new catalogue. The muted colors go so well with the gold cutlery (which is so lovely isn’t it ?

Similar blue throw to show texture difference with the throw pillows

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.Fashion and Vintage styles.

I favor a minimal approach with an awesome light fixture as the focus, like this industrial fixture. Color of the room, not necessarily but it's cool. I prefer white

yvonne kone cph store (April and May)

Living Space That pale teal colour everywhere, long curtains, the amazing lamp and the oversized green plant please! Love this space.