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CSS Menu Animations

Virgil Pana is a freelance designer and front-end developer based in Bucharest, Romania. He specialized in UI/UX design for Web and mobile applications.

Pare Mobile App Menu Dropdown Animation #gif #ui | User Interface Design

Pare - Mobile Nav Animation


Classroom Tasks

Classroom is a concept mobile app which helps first year students stay up-to-date with each of their tasks assigned to a course, specifically aimed per individual student. by Jurgen Ploeger

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Top UI designs this week

UI Movement is a community of design enthusiasts who share and discuss the most interesting and unique UI designs.


Contact sync chat iphone app ui ramotion by Ramotion Oct 2014



Here is what all 6 UI Trends we can hope for in App design trends go through a constant change.

20 audio design concepts that will blow your mind — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium


Mobile Design Inspiration is a feed with the best mobile interfaces, app icons and other iPhone iPad and Apple Watch by top UX designers. Curated by Denis Pakhaliuk CEO at Ramotion - UX Design Agency.

Advertisement アプリを購入する前に、機能や使い方ももちろんですが、どのような動きや …


This is a sliding tab bar I did for a recent client, I know that the tab bar droped behind in popularity for the sliding menus lately but I still get clients asking for them.The problem that I have with tab bars is that they are limited to tabs and …