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OW u X i a — The Empress of China 武则天 Wu Zetian Fan Bing Bing .

korean folk costumes | Dangui (당의) : Court Dress of Joseon Dynasty (조선 왕조)

Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress: Hanbok (South Korea) or Chosŏn-ot (North Korea) is the traditional Korean dress.

Beauty Shoot, Asian Woman, Korean Beauty, Japanese Beauty, Asian Beauty, Kimonos, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Girl, Yukata

공포의 러시아 11살 모델 이쁨 수준.JPG | Daum 루리웹

Portrait of Kristina Pimenova. Wow, that girl is beautiful. Reminds me a little of Alexis Bledel sometimes.

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Supporting actress in Tang Dynasty TV drama 'Empress of China' (aka Empress Wu Zetian)

야마토 나데시코 - 나무위키

Posing in yukata. A yukata is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, and unlined. Yukata are worn by both men and women. "I'm a fan of yukata.


Is Kristina Pimenova the most beautiful girl in the world? Kristina Pimenova was born in Moscow, Russia on the of December, Her father is a football

Wish everyone has a good week ❤️

Wish everyone has a good week ❤️