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Cluj Arena / Dico si Tiganas

Cluj Arena by Dico si Tiganas in Cluj, Romania Lockers Office Entrance Interior Design cool office interior Floors.

523 19 Rifé, Francesc Stand Mobalco.

523 19 Rifé, Francesc Stand Mobalco en la Feria Eurocucina Milan I like it that the lighting feature draws the eye to the signage.

Tobaco Hotel / EC-5

Gallery of Tobaco Hotel / EC-5 - 3

Image 20 of 52 from gallery of Ensemble Pastoral Catholique / Atelier d’Architecture Brenac-Gonzalez. Photograph by Sergio Grazia

Gallery of Ensemble Pastoral Catholique / Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés - 20

Designing effective signage that instantly grabs ones attention can be a tricky task. Especially in a city centre where there is an abundance of stuff screaming for attention.

Can we use a top surface to create interest?

UNDERBELLY: windows that flip down to become eating surfaces in this 650 sf space Awesome twice and continue to keep on my list!

Unisex Office Restroom Bathroom Sign WC Signage 6 by grayskunk

The contrast between the light shade of wood and the darker shade of wood really creates a unique yet elegant style to the bathroom signage. I believe that this design would really appeal to the guests as it is as well very luxurious.

Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Toronto - Guest suite directional sign

A subtle and contemporary wayfinding solution that creates an unmatched hospitality experience.

Philosophy | Boutique Hotels New York Chicago & Miami | The James

Philosophy - Boutique Hotels New York & Chicago - The James