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I really really hate it when I have to gihht her in black survival but I gotta like her skins.

Elegância, habilidade e equilíbrio

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Oh hey it's the drunk girl from black survival. I should probably try playing as her sometime.


blacksurvival-jackie My fav character to play as

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Codename: Subject 66 Subject 66 is not able to recall old name. Pure focus is to protect Tula and Kill the Empress of Whales

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모바일 블랙서바이벌

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Doctor Sophie Hordiyenko is the right hand to Pierre as well as his niece. She reports directly to him and oversees most field missions for the team

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트위터의 원터치 님: "방송에서 선공개한 아이솔 신스킨입니다."

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Doctor Pierre Hordiyenko is the head scientist for Flare and overseer of the entire tech wing. He enjoys making things go boom!