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Wallpapers, Phone Wallpapers Pt.3

Pokemon GO Chat by Erdem Tonyalı

Pokemon GO Chat

The app helps you find other players of the famous app 'Pokemon GO' on the map and see in which team they are playing and chat with them.

Pokemon GO Desktop Application by Austin Robinson

Pokemon GO Desktop Application

Since all the craze of Pokemon GO is going on, I figured I'd try and design a desktop version of the app. My goal was to use all of the same UI elements, and place them in a user-friendly.

Pokemon Go - Pokémon & Trainer finder by Daniel Munday

Pokemon Go - Pokémon & Trainer finder

Have been trying out Pokémon Go the last few days, and have often wondered if anyone else was playing nearby, so I put together this 'finder' concept in Principle to see what it would be like if yo.

Pokemon GO by Lena

Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Icon Redesign

Pokemon Go Icon Redesign

Pokemon Go Icon Redesign by Oscar Morrison

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO landscape concept

Pokemon GO landscape concept

landscape concept on pokemon. we can throw pokeball with direction and also had power bar to shot.

Pokemon GO icon by Nikita Gulak

Pokemon GO icon

Too much :) But however, I've decided to make a new icon for this.

Game Kid Canvas Print by MeleeNinja - $85.00

Basic Console Blueprints Designs by Adam Rufino. Classic Console Blueprints Designs here.