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Quick Tip: Create a Round Switch Button in Photoshop

In this quick tip tutorial we will create a round switch button that you can use in your interface designs. Tutorial Assets Vertical cloth Pattern available on .

photography by sang-sik pang / / Series by Dae-hoo Kim, via Behance

The Nano Series is a countertop water purifier that dispenses clean drinking water by removing of particles, rust residue, heavy metals, chlorine, and other pollutants from tap water. Equipped with nano-trap filters and an instantaneous water heati…

Light Button Series Modify by Matthias Pinkert

Based on the five senses of touch (turn,pull, overturn,push,press) the button series were developed. The significant feature of the series are the behavior of the edges. They step out distinctive at one spot and depart at another spot into eternity.