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Vintage Rides Concept

Vintage Rides Ui concept design to give legendary Indian Motorcycles a (very needed) new fresh look and approach, by Kreativa Studio.

1.The overall of this webpage looks like vintage style 2.They used bold for the title of the  typography to differentiate for the title and body text. 3.Have a nice grid system in this website 4.The hierarchy is consistent and the overall looks nice and feel comfortable for user to look through it

website inspiration I like how there is a little type and a lot of pictures. There is a great use of negative space spreading everything out. A very uncrowded feel.

A easy, fast and effective way to photograph scarfs! ✖ 25 Inspiring Website Designs From up North

Holiday. Gift Giving. The wait is over: 6 Days of Giving starts now- Email design

Give further meaning to deadlines or sale endings in emails by creating a visual and circling the date. This is so much more effective than simply saying "ends Dec.

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