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gigidigi: “ Anonymous said: “ how do you manage to put characters with vastly different standard palettes into scenes together but keep everything harmonious? if that makes sense? I have a hard time.

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I like the idea that it started out as something simple and became something more dimensional. we could show something that is one icon progressing into something more dimensional, or have a multitude of icons showing process.

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“ Hi Gigi! I wanted to ask you a question about colors! I have a problem with choosing colors when there is drastic lighting, whether its really bright light or if the characters are in a really dark, dimly lit place. I’m not sure how to choose the.

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I'm not sure if the bamboo can be a kind of wood, but it is just my preference. My favorite is the burned wood, which is I just painted. The other pieces has been done a few weeks ago. The painting method


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