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Also known as Novagraphix to illustrate my personal work on the web, I'm a Paris based Designer and Digital Artist from France. I also worked during 10 years as compositor for french platinum artists, under the name Medeline. My style is a blend of modernism, cinematographic culture and digital design, constructed around a strong message. Passionate by new technologies, i'm always searching for new ways of creation.
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Peugeot Fractal - Tribute Website by Steve Fraschini - #Ui #Ux #Webdesign #PeugeotFractal #Peugeot #Car #CarConcept

Peugeot™ Fractal - Tribute Website

Diesel™ - Season Men Store by Steve Fraschini

Diesel™ - Season Men Store

LBX - Character Selection by Steve Fraschini

LBX - Character Selection

Hey friends, A sneak peek of an interface i made for a "Danball Senki" game (Called LBX - Little Battlers Experience in US).

Nespresso — Capsule Animation by Steve Fraschini

Nespresso — Capsule Animation

Nespresso — Mobile App

Nespresso — Mobile App

Working on an elegant approach of a Nespresso app showcasing the different coffee flavours. Full mobile screens are attached for more flavour. Have a tasty day friends.

X(box) Hunter - Preview  by Steve Fraschini

X(box) Hunter - Preview 🎮

Hi dribbblers, I hope holidays was good! This is a sneak peek of an actual work for an indie Xbox platform, especially for trophy chasers (I confess, i love to unlock achievements as well).

Time Magazine — Personnality Portrait

Time Magazine — Personnality Portrait

I had a lot of fun playing with typographies on these cover pages. Just a minimalist approach to freshly discover portraits of renowned personalities when you choose one from the chronology page (P.

Just a quick preview of a minimal approach for showcasing Nespresso capsules on the main platform. Hope you like it.  Full desktop screen attached for more flavour.  Have a tasty (6 Intensity) day ...

Nespresso — Capsule Showcase

Peugeot™ Fractal - Preview by Steve Fraschini

Peugeot™ Fractal - Preview

Peugeot's New Fractal Coupe-Hatch-Convertible Concept In All Its Photo Glory