Ecommerce 9 categories: Headers, Promo, Features, Catalog, Product, Contents, Checkout, Contacts, Footers.

For current place - item, customer, artist and auction records formatted as items in an e-commerce site? Valuation as an invoice?

RocketDroid - Landing page Website

Visual hierarchy is established well throughout this layout. Starting top down, the headers draw attention and lead the user down to the CTA, then flowing down headline copy and body copy levels are easily distinguishable.

이벤트 상세([캐시슬라이드] 회원가입만 해도 1000점 적립~!) | OK캐쉬백

이벤트 상세([캐시슬라이드] 회원가입만 해도 1000점 적립~!) | OK캐쉬백

wireframe patterns

Wireframing toolkits are a dime a dozen. But none matches the superiority of Wireframe Patterns.