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Rapunzel - Tanglet by Kambari-bum on DeviantArt

Fan art for Rapunzel. I really loved the movie...but i can't imagine HOW she could stay there all 18 years!!! XD ( made with mouse....like always -_-;;; ) Rapunzel - Tanglet

Arquivos Disney - Burn Book

Sua fonte de literatura, cinema e entretenimento!

Cómics De Mi Mundo Alex

Les recomiendo que lo lean :v #983 en Todo 3/11/2017 #914 en Todo 6/11/2017 #769 en Todo 16/11/2017 #537 en Todo 24/11...

MerMay: Rapunzel by Ravietta on DeviantArt

My little contribution to MerMay. Because I’ve seen some Rapunzel!mermaid pictures around and the sadist in me winced at how easy-to-handle her ha... MerMay: Rapunzel


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Rapunzel by Naineuh on DeviantArt

Fan-art. Watercolor and colored pencils. (april 2014) Rapunzel

디즈니 아이폰 심플 캐릭터 배경화면_02

디즈니 아이폰 심플 캐릭터 배경화면 디즈니 공주 배경화면에 이어 오늘 준비한 배경화면은 디즈니 아이폰 ...

Change Your Fate;

A tribute to all your favorite Disney movies and all the ones that you grew up with. Feel free to...

Fireflies by Arbetta on DeviantArt

Rapunzel and her future daughter as I imagined her... AGAIN! I promise to do the Eugene+son companion to "Brunettes" [link] soon! I just did this for pr... Fireflies