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snuggling is something more people should spend their time doing. big believer in snuggle time :)

How to be happy? The essential questions to happiness. They say you have to think 3 positive things for 1 negative thought, in order to be happy. How can you know you are happy? Can you be depressed and happy in the mean time?

This one grabs me. Passed it twice but I keep coming back. Have a feeling pro photographers do this more than we think. A rare honesty in her face.

The hardest thing for those of us who love animals is to see them suffering. This is a tribute to those wonderful people who work for the animals, who film and photograph the unimaginable. I have great admiration for you!

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KARAHİNDİBA TOHUMLARININ MÜKEMMEL DANSI-We like to think that changing our circumstances will change us. But we have it backwards—we need to change ourselves first before our circumstances will change. (Image: The Three Ballerinas by Dianne English)

Plainwell High School. I'm glad it's summer. I'm a sophomore this fall. 10th grade.

I'm glad it's summer. I'm a sophomore this fall.

Plainwell High School

Services include Contracting, Service, Testing, Underground and Infrared Scanning. Proudly serving companies in the greater Michigan area for over 40 years.