Copper Art

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Decorative Coastal Drain Covers for Sink & Shower

Create a little surprise and wow factor for a sink or shower with a decorative coastal drain cover.

Woodworking Tools | Woodworking Supplies

Woodworking Power Tools - Festool, Foredom, Rikon, Tormek and more at Highland Woodworking, your source for the best power tools for woodworkers.

Gears and gadgets as garden art | Flea Market Gardening

Using metal scrap in the garden... Here are 12 different ways to recycle scrap metal into cool garden art. We like metal in the garden because it lasts.

Garden Glitz with Metal | EiEiHome

Garden glitz and garden metal is an obvious trend. From the purely decorative to the fun and functional, metal garden decor shows up virtually everywhere.

Twisted Barbed Wire Heart With Spider Web And Spider Made to Order

This prickly heart has sat for too long. A spider has taken up residence. I will make you a web very similar to this one. Hang this web in your window, on a door, porch, barn or shed….. inside or out! I used vintage barbed wire in creating this web. If exposed to the elements, rain and snow will give it a beautiful rusty look. The web measures about 18” X 18”. PLEASE NOTE: This web is made to order and each web will be unique with it's own whimsical personality. If you prefer to see photos…

How to Flame Paint Durable Colors on Copper - Basket of Blue

Basics of Flame Painting Copper Feel free to skip this section if you remember all the basics. Copper flame painting can be done with just a small butane torch (kitchen torch) or with a fancier jeweler's torch. You can also flame paint bronze in a similar fashion. use clean copper with scratches buffed/sanded out don't touch with fingers (skin has oils) patience is a virtue

SCRAP METAL ART Archives - Welding Life

Brass Octopus Shower Drain Cover

Oceanus Octopus™ |4.25" Round Replacement For Sioux Chief 821-2PPK PVC & 821-200A ABS | round shower stainless steel drains

Here is the art

Spider Web Necklace Statement necklace Bib necklace | Etsy

Spider web necklace Measures 7" x 7". This is a statement piece. Best worn over darker hued clothing to enhance the sparkle. Position and length of chain can be changed if requested. I accept custom orders. Message me and I will be happy to create it for you.

Barbed Wire Star Spider Web Garden Decoration or Trellis

A barbed wire star is an interesting addition to any garden or a creative feature on a wall. Whatever you find to do with this star it can used be inside or outside. It can also be used as a trellis for vines to climb. This star measures about 26” X 26”. I will make you a star spiderweb very similar to this one. Hang this star web in your window, on a door, porch, barn or shed….. inside or out! I used vintage barbed wire, reclaimed from a ranch in Montana to create this web. If exposed to…

Copper wire wrapped dragonfly earrings Wire wrap celtic | Etsy

Copper wire wrapped dragonfly earrings This wire wrapped earrings were made from a copper wire, which was polished, patinated, again polished and covered with a special varnish, which will help keep the pendant bright for a long time. Durability of materials and quality of work make the product

Rotary Hoe Tiller Wheel Metal Flower Garden Art

Beautiful garden art made from rustic farm pieces. Made with love from Texas.