Abstract, type treatment, watercolor, minimal

The combination of water color and typography is elegant and simple. The large page numbers stand out to the reader and create a unique spread. The combination of water color…

Smart car promotional mailer. There are so many interesting qualities about this piece. The color, simple type and graphics, compactness, ticket appearance, plastic sleeve – all give a very tech-savvy quality to the mailer, announcing this innovative piece of engineering, offering the viewer an exclusive trip.

Their welcome packet could be airline ticket look Airplane Tickets. Very innovative packaging, clean overall look. Great use of colors and plastics.

画册 版面 建筑 平面设计 欣赏 平面 ...@云素材图库采集到画册 折页(277图)_花瓣

画册 版面 建筑 平面设计 欣赏 平面 ...@云素材图库采集到画册 折页(277图)_花瓣


A well-designed book on the practises of stewardship, with regards to better meeting the challenges of today. By Helsinki Design Lab and a.

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