Hai Lien cosmetics range

The action shot here gives a sense of variety and excitement to the scene. The light grey also allows the white products to stand out.

Facial Hair Grooming Kits - Someday I'll have a man to buy this for. YUP.

Facial Hair Grooming Kits

Facial Hair Grooming Kits - The Beard Pack Contains Essential Haircare Products for Beards Staches

buro | men's cosmetics range made from natural, sustainable ingredients

Büro is a men's cosmetics and grooming range made from all natural, sustainable ingredients. London-based creative agency Socio Design was engaged to created the brand name, identity and packaging system.

Jack Earl I'm Your Huckleberry Beard Oil #urbanoutfitters

Jack Earl I‘m Your Huckleberry Beard Oil - Revive and nourish your beard with this organic beard oil, formulated to soften your whiskers and make them shine while also soothing even the driest skin.

Keep your beard in check with Wild Man Beard Wash. #urbanoutfitters

Keep your beard in check with Wild Man Beard Wash. {for future bearded lover}