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이샤【אישה】 on Twitter: "Liu Yun-sheng. (刘云生. Chinese, 1937~) 리우 윤솅, 중국 출신 수채화가. 그의 그림 속 소수민족 아이들. 눈동자를 더럽힐 수 있는 것은 오직 마음 뿐. http://t.co/ilRvXYskMq"
AMAZING Watercolor Art Work ✘All rights © Artist 史涛 / Shi Tao
Stunning Watercolor Painting by: Chinese artist Liu Yunsheng
What city is this???
artist Zhaoming WU "Nightfall" oil on canvas 12 x 36
Duisburg, Germany born artist Willi Kissmer is known for his oil paintings of sensual and realistic female figures. The contrast of cloth and skin is perfectly presented with exquisite precision on the fabric of the human body.
"Look up there" - Marc Figueras, oil on canvas {hyperreal female figure artwork painting}
Woman - Original Contemporary Painting, 23,6 x31.5in (60x80cm)
Glazing Painting by Artist Stanislav V Plutenko