Portrait de L’Artiste en Motocycliste

wedding invite design ideas - The poster was designed for the current exhibition 'Portrait de L’Artiste en Motocycliste' at the Museum of Fine Arts in La Chaux-de-Fonds by onlab, Thibaud Tissot

love this image

i have dreams like this. where I roll over on the beach & the water is my blanket.

I like the interactiveness of through the pages. programme Gaîté Lyrique - Helmo (France)

programme Gaîté Lyrique - Helmo (France) Nt: the work of art on a page and the texture about wat we feel abt that on the other

Brochure Designs: 25 Corporate Design For Inspiration 25

Brochure design in printed form is very important role play in branding as well as grooming in corporate image building. Brochure designs are ideal marketing

Favourites Film Festival 2013

Favourites Film Festival Typography and bright colours to create a memorable promotional poster. This poster is reliant on the typography and the way it frames the image to communicate the details of the vent.

collage silhouette.  cut/trace silhouette from the photo and replace with photo/pattern/paper to create this effect.

When Art becomes Cool Pictures

Photo Collage Puzzles made from your own photos. Make a Photo Collage Puzzle from your own pictures.

Maxime Gorki, Les Vagabonds Club Français du Livre, june 1953

Maxime Gorki, Les Vagabonds Club Français du Livre, june composed in Grotesque corps 11 (a condensed bold!) and designed by Robert Korn. Printed by Paul Dupont, Paris and bound by Engel in Malakoff.

Minus 20 Management by The Forgery | Stationery, black gloss print on black matt stock

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