Making Of Elf by Nikita Volobuev Nikita Volobuev is a Artist from Moscow-Krasnogorsk, Russia.

Zbrush sculpting hair technique by Vimal Kerketta The techniques here can also be used for sculpting wrinkles and other surface details.

Hey guys, sharing my technique that i use for sculpting hair. Will be uploading my other technique in my future videos.

Wooden support on Zbrush by ganooon

A great example of wood carving in a stylized way. I love the simplistic detail and it will be helpful for my bucket. Wooden support on Zbrush by ganooon

Braided rope, to be used for the winch that pulls the bucket downwards.

In this tutorial artists will learn how to sculpt ornamental designs in ZBrush with a combination of masking and brush techniques.


Dmitrij Leppée shows us how he made this fantastic sculpt of the talented 'No Country for Old Men' actor Javier Bardem