Modern 한복 Hanbok / Traditional Korean dress

Modern 한복 Hanbok / Traditional Korean dress (Wrong nationality, but a fantastic determined expression)

Fusion Hanbok (Korean traditional dress)|sonjjang

Hanbok dress(Korean traditional clothing), Hanbok, Dress, traditional clothing from sonjjang

Korean traditional wedding - the bride

"Korean Bride - The red circles on the forehead and the cheeks of the bride in Korea are called yonji and gonji to drive away evil spirits and give.

Hanbok - Korean traditional wedding dress

Nokwonsam, or green wonsam, wore with that headpiece and those daenggi (ribbons) is the traditional Korean wedding dress

KOREAN HANBOK, must be for a #kdrama - Does anyone know which one?

Essay about korean culture and customs Korea is an Asian country deeply rooted in its culture, values and beliefs. The customs of the Korean people make them humble, honest and loyal.