Sooner or later every graphic designer is asked to design a signage for a storefront or general way finding. Here are some awesome signage design inspiration I have been collecting from everywhere. Hope you enjoy them.

Patrick Tighe Jazzes Up Two Generic Office Buildings With Sleek Lobbies

Patrick Tighe Jazzes Up Two Generic Office Buildings With Sleek Lobbies

The perforated steel meets solid steel for an entry canopy. Photography by Bran Suwandrei Arifin.

Teruel-zilla / Mi5 Arquitectos

Teruel-zilla / Mi5 Arquitectos + PKMN [pacman]

Great environmental typography as entire storefront. CLAVEL ARQUITECTOS, CASANUEVA PHARMACY MURCIA SPAIN #signage #egd

Casanueva Pharmacy / Clavel Arquitectos

Casanueva’s Pharmacy, Spain by Clavel Arquitectos 2010 Casanueva’s Pharmacy in Murcia, Spain features a shop window that consists of a tri-dimensional text of the word ‘FARMACIA’ that occupies the two floors of the frontage.

MAXXI Signage

MAXXI Signage What about our nameprinted large all along the parking lot in the fence where we do the privacy slats behind a wall of wild flowers?

We could actually paint our sign on something like this? Or get vinyl cutouts for it.

The last exhibition in the Idioms series involved over 400 cover designs by 56 designers from 14 countries. An open call was made via a specially created website soliciting entries to the exhibition. In addition I targeted specific designers whose wo


Image 6 of 7 from gallery of Casanueva Pharmacy / Clavel Arquitectos. Photograph by David Frutos Ruiz