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세계 랜드마크 12개 아이콘 .PSD .AI

세계 랜드마크 12개 아이콘 .PSD .AI

Oh God, these are so cute. I love LEGOs already, but to see them acting out some of my favorite movie posters is fantastic! I'm especially loving the "X-Men First Class" group.

LEGO movie posters by NEXTMOVIE for summer 2011 blockbuster movies LEGOs will never be the same

LEGO Releases Line Of Watches For Grown-Ups (Photos)

LEGO has been making watches for children for years, but from November the brand will be launching a collection of fun modular watches.

로빈 팔크로 니도 마이크로 캐빈

"Nido" - A tiny cabin space by the Finnish designer Robin Falck. This tiny cabin is fully functional at just under 100 square feet out in the middle of the woods. This small space features a micro-kitchen and upper sleep/storage space.