gesture drawing baby

Baby Sketch / Drawing Poses- People (body parts), Animals, calicaturas, plants…

Types of Wings, text; How to Draw Manga/Anime

Adopts: Wings 1 [Sold Out] by Blue-Hearts on DeviantArt

목도리 매는 방법

manga style scarves and hairstyles - Drawing Reference

Waterfall Rock Castle by Sviatoslav Gerasimchuk




물병자리 : 네이버 블로그

tip drawing realistic hair concept cookie

DIY 가구제작 관련 인체치수!! : 네이버 블로그

DIY 가구제작 관련 인체치수!! : 네이버 블로그

AUDI Electric Bicycle : Wörthersee

아우디 전기자전거 Wörthersee (뵈르테제) 컨셉

AUDI Electric Bicycle : Wörthersee With the COE prices in SG, this might be the best way to own an Audi.

Did a process painting of gold some time ago. Nothing special but enjoy. _______________________________________________ MY ARTSTATION MY TUMBLR MY PIXIV MY INSTAGRAM

help-me-draw: ““Gold Process by eloel AKA ” ”

NieR: Automata 2B

NieR: Automata and a genderbend

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Search for our thousands of Interior Wood Doors available in a variety of designs, styles, and finishes.

Aura - Takato Yamamoto illustration

Takato Yamamoto - Feigned Helplessness by an Escape Artist

Material Studies by Aviator33 on DeviantArt

Material Studies by on DeviantArt glossy shiny radiating texture

3D printer

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics. This is what happens when an industrial designer/ex-Apple employee and a printing guru get together to make artificial limbs. Awesome that a industrial designer can help in the medical world 👍

Materials study by Alumx

Materials study by Alumx on DeviantArt

로봇etcㆍ사업화ㆍ가능ㆍ통보ㆍSingle-Wheeled Electric Scooter – RYNO Motors. Cannot see this being comfortable.

Who said the famous clown unicycle would never become a product of cutting-edge technology? The Ryno is an electric vehicle and has a special balancing system, which does not let the driver fall. According to Ryno Motors, it is also something quite s