Redmer Hoekstra

Transformation within a single image combining texture and shape relationships. I love the use of transformation in this piece as the pieces all have animals combined to make the main object.

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This was originally design as a massive space warp machine for large ships and such. The structure is colossal in size and so heavy that it needs massive support structure. Since it is massive and it's a space warp machine, it will need tremendous

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3D Cabernet Sauvignon & Colombard Vin Blan - Packaging by Tim Cooper - 3D Image Creation, via Behance

Cabernet Sauvignon & Colombard Vin Blanc wine and glass generated for Arcus La Buvette packaging.

This is a painting by Tjalf Sparnaay...Good Realism always blows my mind.

ART: Hyperrealistic Paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay London-based artist Tjalf Sparnaay is known for his near perfect oil paintings of everything from sandwiches and Coke cans to fries and desserts.

Asaf Hanuka: The Realist - Imgur

Asaf Hanuka: The Realist