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WEBSTA @ r_ozelart - #ratnoGraffitypeStyle #originalStyle Exploring more.. learning more.. earning more.. .AVAILABLE FOR INQUIRYCUSTOM LETTERING

Another example of what can be done with only black and white, this one without even gradients.

weowntheskies: Dan Clarke

Circles that create a rhythm can result in an interesting design. I think we can make good use of overlapped and translucent circles if used with appropriate spacing and color.

간단하게 표현된 동물 아이콘들 입니다. 동물 관련 앱을 할때 평범하고 흔한 아이콘을 쓰기 싫을때 좋을 것 같습니다.

One line - Animal logos on Behance by Differantly Studios. They have a set of one line sea creatures as well. I especially like the animals with implied motion.


Norwegian artist Andreas Lie has perfectly captured the essence of the arctic in his latest double exposure photographs. Since the beginning, the artist ha