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Located in Austin, TX, Pushstart Creative is a product design firm helping clients develop innovative products with exceptional user experiences.

Yohei Kuwano, Travel Hair Dryer for MUJI

Yohei Kuwano Design Studio makes product designs for clients like MUJI, FOVE and Chojyu-no-sato. Last years he has received 13 awards: IF ProductDesignAward GoldPrize, IF Product Design Award, Good Design Award.

Hair Dryer, Sketch Design, Industrial Design Sketch, Product Design Sketching, Medical Design, Bike Light, Contours, Packaging Design, Appliances

vintage hair dryer from germany 1925.

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Hair dryer Braun

1978 PGE 1200 Heinz Ullrich Haase - A History of Braun Design, Part Haircare Products

Compact hair dryer. Bright color contrast. revealed fan

This lightweight and compact dryer uses Bright touch of enriched color, and texture contrast. It is a basic yet sophisticated hairdryer.Existing in compact or folding version, that makes it convenient to use and carry around.